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Hello, my name is Theo Bard the owner of BARDRAULICS. Just wanted to take some time and saying thanks

for visiting this company website, and wanting to know more about this company and myself. Bellow is a description of my past, present and what is BARDRAULICS and what will be the future of this company going forward. 

About Myself,


 I started out 30 years ago working with my grandfather simply doing oil changes and greasing front ends of his fleet of trucks, as a 10 year old boy was amazed of the world of mechanics, fabricating and of course maybe a little destruction... Throughout my teenage years worked in my fathers automotive parts & repair shop doing light mechanical work and learned a great deal from the other mechanics.

 After high school moved on to work many years for the top hydraulic shops in eastern Canada, as in shop and field service technician. I have learned much of the aspects of a hydraulic company. I have worked on all types of heavy, offshore,

mining, farming, forestry equipment just to name a few. Then moved on to working for top heavy equipment dealers in eastern Canada again as field service 

technician covering the maritime provinces.Today, Here I am 20 years later with my Journeyman Heavy Equipment and Mobile Hydraulic Service Technician


I have learned a great deal about dealing with you the customer, and know how it is important it is to give the best service possible. I also understand that the customers equipment is their lively-hood and must be running to be making

money! right! This is why I decided to start this company with a goal to offer the widest range services and products available for your mechanical and hydraulic needs. In other words, to keep that money making machine working!!!

This is just the beginning, there will be more to come in the future....


Theo Bard


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